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Free Download 3 Powerful Forex Indicators



Accelerated MA indicator

General Idea: If the price runs away from the accelerated MA it is safe to take a momentum trade.

General Idea N2: If the ma follows the price we have a ranging period. So use ranging strategies or don’t trade.


Forex Sessions Indicator

This indicator draws the major four forex session :Sydney,Tokyo,London,and New York.

It is obvious that the market usually moves in a narrow range during Sydney and
Tokyo session, and it ofen moves powerfully during London and New York session,

so we have to take different strategies during different sessions.

This indicator is designed to draw each session with color lines.

It has 3 external input parameters

LocalGMT : it is the GMT offset of your local time zone.

BrokerGMT: it is the GMT offset of the broker’s MT4.

ShowText: if true,it will show each session based on local time on the top left corner.

The blue line represents Sydney session,the yellow represents Tokyo session,the green
represents London session,and the red represents New York session.


Trend indicator


A very useful indicator to show trend of 4 currency pairs on your charts.

It will shows UP, DOWN or even a SIDEWAY trend for 4 major pairs ( highly recommended tool)



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