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Size of candles (text) Indicator for MetaTrader 5 Platform



Size of candles (text) Indicator For MetaTrader5 Platform.

The indicator reflects the size of the bar. The size is calculated by the following formula: “minuend” minus “deduction”. “Minuend” and “deduction” can be any of four values (open, high, low or close).

The number of bars for which the size is displayed can be limited in the input parameters (InpNumberOfBars). This number remains unchanged even if a new bar has opened:

About synchronization of bars and graphical objects.
Graphical objects accounting

The names of objects are stored in the m_arr_names[] array, its size is equal to the InpNumberOfBars input. Why do we use an array instead of a simple string variable? This is a kind of reserve for the future.

Forming an object name

The name of the object corresponding to the ‘index’ bar is formed by the following formula:

name[index]= m_prefix + (“high_” or “low_”) + TimeToString(time[index])
When you need to delete all objects

Indicators are unloaded in the following cases:

removing the indicator form the chart;
closing the terminal (if the indicator was running on the chart);
loading a template, if the indicator is running on this chart;
closing the chart on which the indicator was running;
changing the profile, if the indicator is running on one of the charts of the previous profile;
changing the symbol and/or timeframe of the chart, on which the indicator is running;
changing the indicator inputs.
Therefore, we completely delete created graphical objects:

in OnDeinit()
in OnInit() (this is just in case, if there are undeleted orphan objects)
in OnCalculate(), when prev_calculated==0.
We also clear the m_arr_names[] array:

In OnCalculate(), when prev_calculated==0 or when prev_calculated!=rates_total
Maintaining a constant number of graphical objects:

when a new bar (bars) appears, the prev_calculated!=rates_total condition triggers. In this case, all objects are deleted, and the m_arr_names[] array is cleared.

1. Copy “Size of candles (text).mq5” file to C:/Program Files/MetaTrader5/experts/indicators folder
and restart your MetaTrader.
2. Open Navigator/Custom Indicators panel and drag the indicator named “Size of candles (text).mq5” to the
chart of any currency pair.

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